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Dr. Stacey TELLS the children how she will be cleaning their teeth while comforting them in the dental chair. Then she SHOWS the children how she will clean their teeth. And finally Dr. Stacey cleans the child’s teeth just how she had explained the process to them.

This process helps the children to feel comfortable while getting their teeth cleaned. Most dentists will dive right in and start cleaning the child’s teeth. While Dr. Stacey feels that if the children are aware of how she will be cleaning their teeth then they will be more comfortable in the dental chair.

This method also helps the children to understand all of the different instruments Dr. Stacey will use on their teeth and it helps them to learn the purposes of these tools. This method is also a key component in the children being able learn how to take care of their teeth while they are at home in between visits to the dentist. Which in the long run will lead to healthier, stronger looking teeth and gums.

Dr. Stacey, DDS

I grew up in a small town of 5000 people in Benton, PA. I was a tomboy as a kid in rural PA riding 4 wheelers and exploring the outdoors to find salamanders and frogs. Needless to say, I have always been enthralled with biology and science! I went on to study molecular biology and biochemistry at Millersville University, a state school in PA. I earned my B.S. and continued my passion for molecular biology at Georgetown University. I earned my M.S. in Oncology before finding my true calling in dentistry. In 2006, I graduated with my D.D.S. from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. I was commissioned into the United States Air Force and completed a one year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency. I was a general dentist for 3 years before returning to UTHSCSA to complete my two year Pediatric Dental Residency. After 9 years of active duty in the AF, I am thrilled to transition to the Reserves and to start my own dental practice.

Tony Zaikoski, Marketing/Advertising

Tammy Brewer, Dental Assistant

Tammy has been a dental assistant for 29 years. When she’s not saving the world one tooth at a time, she’s super busy chasing her boys around.
Ohio Dental Assistant Certificate
N2O Monitoring Certificate
CPR Certified
Radiography Certificate

Keri Mayfield, Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist

Keri has been with the practice for 16 years. She takes great pride in providing quality care for our patients and their families. When Keri is not at work, she can be found behind the lens of her camera taking portraits of her gorgeous family!

Ohio Dental Hygiene License

CPR Certification

Leah Jung, EFDA/CDA

Ms. Leah has been with us since January, but has been a Certified Dental Assistant and EFDA for over 20 years. Ms. Leah is super passionate about the care and comfort of our patients and their families and ensuring that she’s giving them the best treatment possible. When Leah isn’t saving the world one tooth at a time, you can find her with her family and friends spending time together. Leah
also has a green thumb and can also be seen in her yard making it look perfect. Leah also is very passionate about learning all there is to know about Alzheimer’s Disease.
N2O Certification, Coronal Polishing Certification, Radiology
Certification, CPR Certification and Expanded Function Dental
Assistant License.

Chasity Cornwell, Dental Assistant

Chasity is a dental assistant with 12 years of experience. She’s an amazing mother to two children, who keep her busy when she’s not counting teeth.
Ohio Dental Assistant Certificate
N2O Monitoring Certificate
CPR Certified
Radiography Certificate

Rosie Woolley, Dental Hygienist

Rosie has been a dental hygienist for over 16 years! Rosie is really passionate about helping children have a successful and positive dental experience. When Rosie is not at work, you can find her working in her garden or dabbling in a home improvement project. Rosie is also into decorating and crafting.
Ohio Dental Hygiene License
CPR Certified

Jami Bosenberg, Treatment Coordinator

Jami is our Patient Treatment Coordinator and has been with us for 10 years! Jami takes her role her very seriously and takes great pride in making our patients and their families smile and feel at home when they are here. Outside of work, Jami loves spending time with all 4 of her grandkids. They keep her busy with their sporting events! When she’s not watching a game, Jami loves to get her hands dirty in the yard or turning the pages of a good book.

Jami brings a total of 30 years of experience to our practice. With having spent 10 years in the medical side and 20 years in the dental side.

Sheryl Mullins, Front Desk Coordinator

With over 20 years of experience, Sheryl is really passionate about providing outstanding customer service to our patients and their family’s. One thing that drives Sheryl is the opportunity to treat our patients with respect and to make them feel comfortable and welcome during their dental visits. In her free time, Sheryl loves spending time with her family. She’s the proud momma to 2 wonderful daughters and her furry pet Frodo the dog. Sheryl is an avid sports fan too! She loves showing her team pride in rooting for the Reds, the Bengals and The Ohio State Buckeyes! Sheryl is also quite the baker. When she’s not working or rooting on her favorite sports teams, she can be found in her kitchen baking cakes professionally. It’s a therapeutic outlet for Sheryl to escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Preventive Pediatric Dentistry


Part of our philosophy at Pedz Dental is to equip our patients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthy mouth at home. We’ll demonstrate the proper technique for brushing and flossing so that you can keep plaque and disease at bay. While we believe that healthy habits at home can greatly improve your chances for good dental health, we also emphasize the importance of seeing your dentist regularly! Preventative dentistry provides our patients with regular, thorough cleanings to remove disease causing plaque that builds up no matter how well you brush at home. We also perform treatments to strengthen the enamel of your teeth, prevent the build-up of bacteria in hard to clean areas, screen you for early signs of cancer, decay or gum disease, and address any issues that arise. Don’t take the risk of not visiting your dentist for an extended period of time. It could cost you more than just the money it takes to fix your dental problems.

IV Sedation

Everyone wants a beautiful smile but there are many people who suffer from dental anxiety, feeling extreme fear that keeps them from attending dental visits. Dr. Stacey wants all patients to receive excellent dental care in spite of their dental anxiety. To this end, we offer in house IV sedation dentistry from a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist to ensure the comfort for our patients. If your child  suffers from a fear of going to the dentist, schedule a consultation to learn more.

Frenectomies for New Borns

Infants can have tissue that binds the tongue too tightly to the jaw, thus causing issues with mothers breastfeeding and the way that the child will learn to speak. Dr.Stacey is proud to be able to resolve this issue by surgically “clipping” under the top lip and/or under the tongue. The procedure is short and the positive affects that follow are immediate.

Nitrous Oxide

If your child would rather endure the pain of a toothache over the experience of visiting your dentist for a cleaning or a procedure, we may have the answer for you.  At PedZ Dental, we use nitrous oxide, also known as happy air, to help our patients relax during their visit.  This is minimal sedation, as opposed to heavy sedation, allowing our dentists to be able to ask for important information during dental procedures.  Your child will be awake for the entirety of your visit, but be spared from physical discomfort or stress that may come with dental work. Nitrous sedation is entirely safe and has been proven to be an effective, useful tool in dentistry for several decades.




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